March 2000

Not Quite Roscoff!!

A slight change of plan has taken place with regard to our Easter pilgrimage to France. It got to the stage where people were struggling to commit themselves and there were only three of us going to be able to firmly book the accommodation. So, the simplest solution was to elect to take tents and all the other paraphernalia and camp. The disadvantage, of course, is towing all the kit around but this means we can actually tour around rather than being fixed to a base. The other change is to sail to and from St. Malo because some of us regretted not seeing any of the old town last year. If you think you would like to join us the give us a ring for ferry details.

Marks Mad March Hare Run

This is on Sunday March 5th and as stated in your run sheet, which you do read of course, requires you to bring a packed lunch.

To make up for this paucity of luncheon (wot no moutard!) dining arrangements we have been promised an elevenses of monumental standing at the infamous "Betties". Of course this is all very weather dependent and in the event of inclement weather I’m sure further, as opposed to farther, establishments, licensed or otherwise, will be sought out.

The Corris Weekend was full of surprises not least of all of which was the weather. It wasn’t quite T shirt weather but we didn’t get wet either.

First surprise though was arriving on Friday night to find a tandeming couple who live barely two miles from ourselves in residence and having no knowledge of our imminent arrival.

Saturday dawned damp and murky and I anticipated some low level cafe cruising as opposed to the planned run up to Dylife. The weather was still holding when we reached Machynlleth so we continued up the mountain road toward lunch at the Sun Inn in Dylife. The climb destroyed any will to speak as we silently endured the long grind up on to the moors.

The Sun Inn appeared to be in the charge of three generations of women folk, who had to be experienced to be believed, they were in need of some customer service training we felt.

From Dylife we made the long descent to Llanbrynmair and crossed the main road to take a favorite road which climbs gradually, except for a short sharp shock at the end.

The cafe at Mallwyd was prevented from closing by our timely arrival where we fortified for the hardships to come.

The last climb of the day started in Aberangell and just went up and up. We "summited" just as the daylight was beginning to fail and the descent to Aberllefenni was done with lamps on.

We all tucked into a communal dinner that night and some gave the impression of having imbibed more wine than is considered polite. Gerald giving some poor young thing the impression that he was talking about self-abuse rather than training regimes, Mark reinforcing her horror with talk of HUMPING!!

Sunday, provided further entertainment as we ascended Happy Valley in sunshine a sprint breaking out going into Tywyn.

We ate our sandwiches on the prom and found a kiddies playground to play on where we demonstrated to our own satisfaction the power of centrifugal force, I felt quite ill.

Onward to the Railway Inn at Abergynolwyn for lunch. But here we were thwarted by an intransigent landlord. We were not the only ones desirest of a light lunch rather than Sunday dinner but he repeatedly turned people away. Now this would be easy to understand if Sunday dinner was popular which it evidently was not for the dining room was empty!! Obviously a man who knows how to throwaway an opportunity.

In the end we elected to get back to the hostel and drive to the Little Chef in Dolgellau.

Thanks to all for a really fun weekend.

Hugh and Ann’s run in February was an opportunity for more surprises.

For starters the run leader led from the cockpit of a Volkswagen camper van which, at one point, was found at the end of The Great Orme serving tea, coffee, and cake (thank you Hugh and Ann).

Then, Gerald didn’t have a puncture, but Dave Parry, on the token solo, did !!

Fortunately, for Dave, Nick and Carol Reed had a puncture later on giving him a chance to catch up. I must own up to suspecting Dave would get a lift in the magic bus; but Hugh probably wouldn’t give a dirty bike space on the Axminster -Yes folks the bus has wall to wall carpets!

We eventually arrived on the out skirts of Llysfaen and were pulling up a steep rise cursing those ahead already indulging in their first pint when my mobile phone rang. It was Gerald asking me where I was and expecting me to be able to tell him where he was!!! Well he certainly wasn’t in the pub so that left one option HE WAS LOST. So were we, nearly, and I must confess to a merest shadow of doubt in our leaders abilities to shepherd us to the lunch stop. We made it just in time. Again, it rained whilst we were in the pub but stopped on our leaving, we stayed dry!!

We’ve joined with Geoff and Helen at Bangor YH for this years Treasure Hunt on Saturday June 17th with the barbecue to follow in the evening and no doubt a run on the Sunday.

The joint meet with the North West mob is at Llangollen YH. We’ve reserved 30 beds most of which will be taken by N West members as, I realise, those who live nearby will be reticent to stay. However, there will be a dinner on the Saturday night (@ £8.00 per head) which non-hostel residents can attend as well. As for after dinner entertainment we may do a slide show, or has anyone got a good idea? Oh, just in case your wondering the Hostel does have a license.

Weekend of 29th September – 1st October. Booking sheet to go out after Easter.

The October meet has become a Hostel meet at Clun YH but you’ll have to be quick booking. There is a 106km Audax on the Saturday and a run on the Sunday. The whole weekend is being run at £20 per head. Get in touch for more info.

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