May 2000

Hopefully you will receive this missive in time to remind you that it is Alan and Jeanne’s run this coming Sunday (21/5) in the Conway valley. We are to meet at their place on Henryd Road but please park in the car park behind Gyffin post office and ride from there. Lunch will be in licensed premises and there is the promise of tea and biscuits post ride at Ashcroft Towers.

If you study your new runsheet, which is enclosed with this newsletter, you will notice a run on June 4th from our house. I have yet to decide a destination or route but will see who turns up before finalizing anything!!

Anyone wishing to stay the night before and perhaps join us for food, boules, cribbage, and wine please get in touch.

The Millennium Festival of Cycling draws ever closer and with it the certain panic that, as yet, we have done nothing about setting up our treasure hunt routes.

Geoff and Helen being the organized souls that they are have reserved sleeping space at the hostel for those desirest of it on the night of the 17th and have recc’ed their route for the Sunday run onto Anglesey. Don’t miss this because lunch is at the Aberffraw Tea Rooms, well worth the ride.

There will be a post treasure hunt BBQ on the Saturday night so please bring along some thing to supplement the sacrificial veggie sausage and any tipple you prefer!!


Whilst on the subject of festivals and the like you will, if you haven’t already received one, find a copy of a booking form for the Builth Wells CTC rally in July with this newsletter.

Again, some one, more organized than myself, realized that if we didn’t all book together then we could end up with every body miles apart on the camping field. So, not wishing to be too far from the palatial Hilleberg of the Whitehouse’s, I suggest that those of you who are definitely going forward your forms and cheques to myself whence I shall abscond with the proceeds to the Costa’s. Or perhaps my conscience shall prick and I shall put them all together under the tandem club heading as a block booking.

The last two runs have been ridden in such different conditions that it is hard to believe there was barely five weeks between them.

Ken and Pat secured some participation on their run by staging another excellent slide show and nosh up. An invitation too tempting to refuse for some of us weaker willed types. So when the following morning dawned decidedly miserable and cold we were duty bound to brave it out and go.

We were rather gob smacked to find Hugh and Anne waiting in Llanfair TH car park even though they had the highly commendable excuse of alcohol induced fatigue!!

Unfortunately, we were victims of our own pace making as when we arrived at our lunch venue we were too early and the place was still shut forcing us to extend the run rather than stand around in the rain!!!

Upon our return the even hardier Alan and Jeanne, and Mike and Dani had arrived from Conway and Colwyn Bay, respectively.

At this point I proffer an apology to Ken and Pat. It was extremely bad planning on our part when devising the calendar for this year to not realize that we had a clash with Mothering Sunday and that this presented a run organizer with the ominous task of finding somewhere willing to accept our soggy selves into their dining room.

Any way we managed to persuade the Holland Arms to accept our money. When will such establishments realize that cyclists invariably eat, and thus spend, more than the average motorist?

Five weeks later and we were basking in glorious sunshine and worrying about sunburn instead of frostbite. Of course the good weather was only coincidental with the fact that this was one of our best turnouts ever.

It was nice to see Roy and Val Bradshaw from Stockport again after so long. Unfortunately, Roys’ day was not all it could have been due to a self ‘un’truing rear wheel. Dave and Pat led eleven tandems along some beautiful lanes from Denbigh down to the coast at Pensarn from where we coasted, pun intended, along the shoreline almost to Prestatyn, before turning back inland to a very pleasant lunch at Rhuallt. Then back to Denbigh via Bodfari a very pleasant day had by all.


Considering some of the adverse weather experienced, particularly on Easter Monday, this years trip went surprisingly well. For some unknown reason our photos show much better weather than I remember.

But what I do remember well is that we were nearly always laughing and smiling - it’s the good company that makes the trip worth while.

So next year we’ll leave the bikes at home and go to Benidorm instead!! Where Hugh and Anne can enter all the Karaoke contests they can find and I shall just watch the others playing endless rounds of crazy golf and cribbage whilst pouring another Sangria. ZZZzzzz.

Oops fell asleep there. Back to reality and Becky is already inquiring about accommodation for next time.!!!

Llangollen YH

With the next newsletter you should receive something resembling a booking form for this unmissable extravaganza of frolicsome fun and merry japes. Who knows someone may even ride a bike.

Seriously though we do need to start thinking of where we are going to go on runs and it should be possible to offer at least two distances/grades per day. Anyone for Wayfarers?? I bet I know who.


Yes, it’s true we have at last dragged ourselves off the cemaphore and are now in the IT age.

You can contact us at two addresses:-

Also, can you let us know if you are willing to receive your runsheet/newsletter via the web as this could drastically reduce postage and paper costs/wastage.

See you all soon

Luke and Becky

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