August 2001

Some of you are still away on, or have recently returned from, your jollies as I write this but wherever you went/are I hope you all had a good time.

I and SWMBO (she who must be obeyed) rode to the TC national rally near Leominster which proved to be quite a challenge as it turned out. But the weather was better than expected and the event impeccably organised so hats off to Norman and Margaret Taylor for all their hard work.

In the last news letter I asked for suggestions for a venue for this years Christmas dinner. Up to now no one has come forward so failing anything better we are going to try the Foelas Arms at Pentrefoelas. It does seem early to be planning for this already but when you’re anticipating upwards of thirty diners your choices are limited and it’s nice for us to have everything sewn up with no last minute panics.

The next scheduled run is Gerald and Sue’s (01978 310602) Ice Cream Run on the 9th of September. They will no doubt be displaying their lovely Alpine tans having barely stepped off the bike bus.

The eagerly anticipated "Somewhere Hilly" run is scheduled for the 7th of October.

Mark and Claire (01978 753395) would like all to meet at their place in Gwynfryn at 10pm. BE AFRAID,…. BE VERY AFRAID!!! Just getting to their house is a lung burster.

Sandra and David led us on a delightful run from Rhuddlan at the end of July in glorious warm sunshine, though Anne saw fit to introduce us to the concept of the Tutti (a particular form of strop peculiar to residents of Rhyl it would seem). Packed lunches were enjoyed by a duck pond, and, of course, licensed premises were visited. Graham decided to make life more interesting by doing the ride with a loose, nay undone, headset.


Information regarding a middle(ish)-aged couple seen Tandeming at speeds in excess of 45mph through Bryn Saith Marchog on the A494 on Saturday 18th August 2001.

Both riders were scantily clad in shorts!!

Any information as to the identity of this pair of tandemists would be appreciated.

There may be an outstanding award due them later in the year.

The Alternative French Holiday

by Hazel Wyle

At last its time for our Summer vacance

Just for a change we’re off to France

One tandem, two trikes, and a solo bike

All set off for the first part of our hike

We soon arrive at Portsmouth ferry

Looking forward to our trip - we’re all quite merry

On to the boat for an afternoon at sea

We arrive in Cherbourg in time for tea

After an hours drive we begin to tire

So on to the camp site at Tessy sur Vire

Next morning we set off with loaded bikes

Leaving the van behind - that’s what we like

After spending a couple of hours a-wheel

We arrive at Vire for our first French meal

The afternoon ride leads us to Barentan

Camping in the grounds of a chateau - its grand

The whole days ride about thirty miles

The sunshine and wine bringing out the smiles

Next day we go into the chateau to pay

Its free said the lady - that made our day

By ten o’clock we’re packed and gone

Today we amble gently on to Evron

Forty miles today we’re getting fit

All those miles and carrying the kit

The following campsite’s at Chaumont d’Anjou

But its closed Now what do we do

No problem there’s a lake and tables and plenty of trees

There’s even some toilets for when we need a pee

Wednesday we cross the Loire at Gennes

We visit a mushroom museum and then

Its along to the chateau at Saumur

Where Richard and Winsome have the guided tour

The rest of us study the map for the way

Through the pleasant lanes to Montreuil Bellay

Richard and Winsome have a day off and stayed

In the village where the first computer was made

Les, Dave and myself pressed on nice and slow

But regrouped next day at St Marsault

Friday dawned - but where’s the sun

Well we need to shop so we’ll make a short run

So its down to Chataignerie and back round the block

That put about twenty miles on the clock

Saturday came - the day of the race

So we rode round the course at a leisurely pace

We thought it best if we knew the route

And check out the opposition to boot

As the start time approached the nerves became tattered

Would the Worlds Trike Record be shattered

As I sat alone on the starting line

Wondering would I manage a respectable time

All at once its 3 2 1 GO

For the crowd I’ll have to give a good show

Pedalling along as fast as I could

Would anyone pass me - I’m sure they would

I leant out on the corners as far as I might

And gave some of the crowd an awful fright


Now on the last leg I’m beginning to tire

Will my legs last ‘til I cross the wire

Up the last hill its a hell of a drag

But I made the top now its in the bag

One last corner and I’m home and dry

Well Done Ole Girl I hear the crowd cry

At last we sail across the line

That’s the end of the race - now where’s the wine

Next came the presentation of the medals

And all I did was turn the pedals

I receive an engraved wine glass

For coming first in my class

Now I’m the ladies "Champion du Monde"

Personally I think they were conned

Next day we joined the Sunday ride

With eighteen trikes side by side

Monday morning and its the end of the show

Direction North is our way to go

First nights stop in a place called Geste

But the bars not open we’re not impressed

Tuesday we cross the Loire at Champtoceaux

To a nice camp at Pouance that we know

A two night stop here by the lake

Lazing in the sunshine - a relaxing break

Richard and Dave decide to go sailing

But, for once, there was no wind prevailing

Tack and tack as hard as they might

There was not a single gust to end their plight

Thursday arrives and we have to press on

That night finds us at Chatillon

Friday sees our longest day of the trip

65 miles then a much needed kip

Now we’ve arrived back at the van

Our holiday spent according to plan

Saturday and its back to the ship

And we return to Blighty for fish and chips

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