May 2002

The fateful day of the century challenge is rapidly approaching and, of course, weíve all been out training have we not !? Les and Hazel have certainly been training hard, riding the planned route and checking the possible watering holes.

However, in this year of the Euro (pron: Yuuuurrrrroo), the distance has been brought into line with EEC legislation and is now a mere 100km (approx. 65 miles).

There is also a 50km ride which will meet the century riders for lunch at Llanuwchllyn.

Century challengers need to be at Pentrefoelas car park and ready to go by 9am. The half challengers leave from the same location at 10am.

So see you all on Sunday the 19th of May for a grand day out.

If youíre feeling a bit short changed and are determined to do an imperial century then riding with Les and Hazel from and to the Tollhouse will make a non metric ton.

THE ONE YOU MISSED if your name isnít Graeme, Sue, Gerald, Les, Hazel, or Luke and Becky.

Considering Graeme had virtually stepped in at the eleventh hour his run was

planned to perfection even down to the weather. We wended our way through delightful lanes until the hard work of Nannerch loomed large and conversation dwindled. The descent into the Clwyd valley proved to be the undoing of L & Bís rear tyre but led to a rather amusing interlude.

We had an audience whilst repairs were made, a Dawes tandem accompanied by two riders. Beckyísí curiosity got the better of her, whatís new, and she commenced an interrogation of the Dawesí companions. It transpired that they lived in Abergele and were regular visitors to!!!

This little encounter prompted some vexed debate over lunch in the pub. Why continually visit the website and not go any further? Any ideas?

Not wishing to be the object of any future prize giving Luke had tried to dispose of his embarrassingly wrecked tyre in a convenient receptacle. Of course the assembled company had other ideas and reclaimed it for photographic evidence. We may begin to regret Geraldís decision to go digital. One minute youíre wrestling with tyres and tubes, the next youíre on the world wide web for all to see.

After lunch we said farewell to Les and Hazel who headed for home. The remainder heading back to Dyserth with, thankfully, no more noteworthy events.

Graemeís April run saw the Lewis road train back on the road in gloriously warm weather which caught some of us out as Bangor and Anglesey were storm bound!!!

The lanes were steep up and down all the way to Ruthin where we met the Colemans, sporting their road train without itsí baggage car but with a broken chain. This was quickly repaired and lunch at the Park cafe soon arrived.

Much swinging, sliding, and, on Iestyns part, scoffing ensued in the park.

The ride back to Corwen involved some interesting route instructions from Graeme, who seems unable to tell his left from his right. By some divine intervention we all arrived back together to enjoy the delights of the infamous Central Cafe.

We took this opportunity to have an impromptu presentation ceremony for Robin, who had barely got his yacht, Lucy, into the water for 4 hours that week before being rescued by the Moelfre lifeboat. But thatís another story!!

We are reliably informed that there is a Journal on its way to all members in the very near future. Letís hope the wait has been worth it.

If youíve been eagerly awaiting details of the promised evening meets at the Foelas Arms then I (Luke) owe you an apology. Iíve done absolutely nothing since I last wrote. But then again I havenít exactly been inundated with support for the idea. If Iím pressurised enough Iíll probably get something sorted.

There is a vicious rumour circulating concerning a certain, let us say, mature member. Apparently this incautious individual allowed himself to be caught on video camera whilst descending the ski slopes of Sierra Nevada. So what, you may think. Unfortunately, aforementioned individual was completely out of control having failed to master the stopping bit.

Whilst not wishing to condone such an embarrassing piece of evidence we may be persuaded to part with substantial quantities of alcohol to obtain a copy.

Can we please have some other contributors for this mighty tome as Iím becoming a little tired, as must yourselves by now, of my own, often incoherent, ramblings.


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