February 2005

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Run Report Ė 13th February 2005

The Day Global Warming Let Us Down

Compiled by Gerald and Sue Davison

As I worked out the route for this run a few weeks ago I didnít give much thought to the weather. British winters have not been too harsh for the last few years and the chances of a really bad wintry day were so slim they didnít even enter my head. Oh, how wrong you can be!

The forecast towards the end of the week didnít make good reading, it was wrong, the day actually proved to be worse!

In the end a small band left our house in Mold. The group was made up of Mike on his solo, Gareth and Debbie on their tandem and Sue and I on our tandem. A small but select gathering, not quite a herd. Maybe they knew what was to come. Gareth and Debbie descended from Marks, where they had left the car.

The route started as it meant to go on with a long climb up to Eryrys. By the time we arrived there was some snow and slush on the roadside. We had benefited from the wind mostly on this leg, but it was very cold indeed when it blew. We continued steeply down to Llanarmon. Shortly afterwards the dark clouds that had been gathering started to empty snow on our little band. We stopped to put on waterproofs and the remainder of our warm clothing. The snow soon began to stick on the road, our panniers and eventually even on our clothes. Backed by a strong northerly wind it made for some quite exciting riding trying not to slide off in the gusts with the road now partly covered with snow.

Once through Llandegla and onto the main road it really came down heavily prompting Gareth to stop and put his rear light on. Whilst the conditions were quite harsh it was exhilarating to be out. Once we left the main road near the fishery we did get the occasional back wheel spin; the road was now completely covered in snow. We pressed on as quickly as possible and soon after arrived at Mark Whitehouseís home. I am so glad he had offered to do the Ďlunchí stop for this run. If we had been faced with a roadside picnic I think a mutiny may have ensued.

Already installed at Marks house were the Lewis family who had decided to leave their bikes at home. They had seen the conditions at their house and realised it was no day for children to be out. Unfortunately the Colemanís where not so fortunate. Living next to the sea they had not experienced the conditions and in fact didnít see any really bad weather until they climbed out from Ruthin towards Marks. Arriving in the car at Marks to a winter wonderland was not quite what they were hoping for.

The spread of food at Marks was excellent, with soup, sandwiches, cake, biscuits, and of course tea. Iestyn had even made some cookies for all of us; you could still see his fingerprints in them! The weather slowly improved while we consumed this feast, but the Colemanís, wisely, decided that despite the snow going off it was still bitterly cold and the wind was very gusty, as we were soon to find out.

Everyone was rounded up and the second leg was commenced. The Lewisí and Colemanísí headed home by car. Gareth and Debbie stayed at Marks. Clare who had rode to Marks from Wrexham joined us. So the afternoon team was, Mike, Clare, Mark and Sue and I on the tandem. This meant that the afternoon team was three solos and only one tandem!

As soon as we left Marks the wisdom of the Colemanís decision was apparent. The gusty headwind was very strong as we headed over the moors back towards Graianrhyd. Mercifully the snow stayed off so we didnít have to ride into a blizzard. Several short steep climbs brought us back to our outward route just before The Owain Glyndwr pub. Clare, complete with dreadful cold, decided to head for our house. The rest of us completed the route out as far as Gwernaffield, before descending to Mold. The pace hotted up on the last section with a couple of the 30MPH signs being contested.

The remaining group of four arrived back at our house for tea and cake. All in all a memorable, if rather tough day caused by the conditions. Maybe we should plan to do it again in the summer?

Thanks to everyone who turned out.



A. Rude Gnome Award

(For Distasteful behaviour not in keeping with TC etiquette)

Contenders (from Feb 05 run)

Gareth - for the rather unnecessary medical notice adhered to Albertís bathroom door. As Wee Betty would no doubt say Ė This is not Ladfest!!

B. Attendance Award

See complaint response for alteration in this monthís allocation of points

C. The Flat As A Pancake Award

Thankfully none!

D. Fashion Award


Has to go to the railway worker who so very kindly held the Davison's trusty steed.

Updated Runs Attendance List


Dear Editor

I wish to refresh the memories of your aged, but learned, readers about the ongoing dispute concerning the skulduggery that took place at the last treasure hunt. This event is hosted for the delectation, and mild entertainment of the general membership, but some take the competitive aspect a little too far, a bit like those who grow prize onions for show using secret potions and hidden methods.

The Davison crew used ungamely technical knowledge to steal the lead by only one point, probably aided and abetted by Wee Betty. The issue revolved around a missing telephone box, which I still hold, was removed by order via some secret telecommunications engineerís cult. The Davison crew have threatened to consult their solicitor unless a full apology is printed in this edition of the NWTC newsletter.

Due to the tenacity of the Davison crew at the recent February run I am willing to overlook their earlier underhanded tactics and issue a peace-making apology (even if they were guilty). They redeemed themselves by leading a ride in the worst conditions so far seen on a NWTC ride. They led the ride over and above the call of duty, so much so that we will award those who actually rode 2 attendance points, while those who showed up, ate cake and left will get one point.

I hope this will put an end to the speculation that the Davison crew are always up to no good, this is simply not true, and they are only not to be trusted when there is a treasure hunt to be won.

For and on behalf of the Lewis Clan.

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